GPS tracker Fuel Level Sensor for Vehicle

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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Ultrasonic Tank Level Gauge
Measure distance:
18~800mm; up to1000mm
Sensor Frequency:
8000 Set/Sets per Month
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Packaging Details
Weight: 0.6kg, Standard Carton
Lead Time :
3-7days,sampel can sent within 1-3days

GPS tracker Fuel Level Sensor for Vehicle 

1. Introduction:


Ultrasonic liquid level gauge/meter is used for fuel level measurement in vehicle fuel tanks in order to control fuel consumption. The measurements are realized by the ultrasonic radiator installed directly on the external bottom part of the fuel tank and data processing box. The ultrasonic fuel level meter can measure levels of diesel and petrol or other liquid materials depending on software settings.


2. Application:

Ultrasonic liquid level meter ULM-1000 measures changing level of any liquid (diesel, gasoline, water, liquefied gas, milk etc. ) in moving And fixed tanks (vehicles fuel tanks, fuel tank tracks, railway tank cars, industrial tanks and liquid storages). The measurement are provided through the tank bottom so no damage and drilling of the tank are needed.

The measured data could be:
1. Saved in the internal memory which capacity is enough for 1 month autonomic work
2. Sent via a transceiver such as GPRS modem or GPS/ GPRS tracker in real time.


Using ULM-1000 fuel level meter you can get the following important information:
-Fuel level and amount in the tank
-Amount of dispensed fuel
-Fuel consumption rate
-Theft detection
-Operational and statistical reports


3. Technical Characteristics

Power supply voltage


Power protection up to


Measurement range

18 –800mm(optional up to1000mm)

Max load current of outputs

10 mA

Max current consumption

80 mA

Analog interface(0 …1023)

0,3....9,7 V

Frequency output interface (U=10V)

500-1500 Hz

Quantity of outputs EIA 485


Quantity of outputs EIA 485/2321


Accuracy of fuel level meter in static

not more      0.5 %

Accuracy of fuel level meter in dynamic

not more      3.0 %

Accuracy of fuel level measurement

not more 3.0 %

Degree of the radiator protection                                                                     IP67


Working temperature


Nonvolatile memory

2 MB(30 days if record once in 30 sec.)

Galvanic isolation of the power supply


Galvanic isolation of the outputs





1 year


4. Installation of Oil Level Gauge


Fuel Level Indicator Data Shows:



Complete Set Ultrasonic Fuel Level Meter:




Measurement Theory Picture:


5.ULM Connect to GPS




this product is based on GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, set positioning,monitoring level uploading and tracking functions in one of the new products through the Internet to locate and monitor remote targets.



  • supports GSM / GPRS and automatic on-line reconnection
  • Set positioning, monitoring, and tracking level upload multiple functions and integration
  • Support for GPS positioning
  1. Please select a qualified engineer to install when installing.

  2. installation environmentdo not exceed the GSM performance indicators, note the position of the antenna fixed to ensure a good signal.

  3. Please pay attention to dust and water when choose installation location 

  4. Connected GSM antenna and GPS antenna, and find a suitable location fixed, ensure good signal acceptance, GPS antenna is fixed in the outdoor signal good location when installed.

Connected to Computer for setting:


Check fuel changes:



1. To maintain the equipment in a dry environment, humid environment tends to damage the internal circuitry.
2. Do not put a dusty environment.
3. Do not put too hot or cold places.
4. Do not use in severe vibration equipment.
5. Please use a dry cloth to clean, do not use chemicals and detergents.
6. Do not paint the device, which may lead to internal circuit.
7. Do not disassemble the device.
8.Please read the manual carefully before usingto avoid damage to devices.


6.Packaging & Shipping



Logistics:DHL ,TNT, Fed express ,UPS etc

Delivery time:5-7 working days

Warranty:12 months


7.Company Information